At happy paws, we prioritise the happiness and safety of our guests.

The boundary of our place has 6m high walls, layered gate systems and CCTV covering all areas to ensure maximum security and safety for the dogs.

Whilst the dogs are here they can enjoy and cool down in our dog friendly/ chemical free swimming pools.

The meals are prepared and cooked daily with choices of chicken, beef, pork or salmon. Each served with rice and dry dog food.

Each dog that arrives here is placed into a zone with dogs that are similar in size and characteristic’s so they can freely run around and play without feeling threatened or nervous. No dog will ever be put into a cage or chained up. To also ensure the happiness of all our dogs we are constantly monitoring them 24/7.

We have 9 friendly in house staff to accompany and protect our guests as well as keeping all areas cleaned daily. To ensure a pest free area all of our zones are sprayed monthly.

We can ensure that your dog will enjoy there time here and give you peace of mind whilst you are away.