We offer 3 sizes of kennels to accommodate your beloved pets. These are rates for a 24-hour stay. If you wish to only stay for 6-8 hours only, see our team for a discounted rate.

Big dogs 70.000 IDR (dobberman,golden retriever,labrador,german sheperd, and similar size of dogs)
Medium dogs 65.000 IDR (kintamani dogs,local bali dogs, and similar size of dogs)
Small Dogs 60.000 IDR (pomeranian,shitzhu,yorkshire, chi hua hua and similar size if dogs)


We can provide two meals per day at a cost of 10.000 IDR for small dogs and 15.000 IDR for large dogs. This consists of cooked chicken and rice made fresh daily.

You are more than welcome to provide your own food for your pet should they require a special diet